Charities Web Sites

Charities web sites are often built by students at college, when they graduate the charity often loose that expertise. This means that all the new technology that has evolved has passed them by.

A lot of charities rely on voluntary funding. This funding is carefully distributed and there are often more important things ahead of a generous budget for the website.

By supplying monetary donation to a given charity may incur taxation depending on the charity, giving time is another way to donate
Liu and Aaker (2008) argue both time and money activate mind-sets to achieve the same ends in which giving to charity is seen as a means toward emotional well-being and happiness. Liu and Aaker (2008) suggest; giving time vs. giving donations shows both have the same outcome of happiness and emotional content.

Donating to charities

Our promise: For every website that is built by Iain Tait Web Design I will donate 5 hours to a charity of your choice to help maintain their website or start to build them a new website.

Reference Liu, W., & Aaker, J. (2008).
The Happiness of Giving.
Journal of Consumer Research,
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