Database Samples

1. A simple Table displayer

2. A query and Multiple query displayer

3. Mobile Phone displayer

Other database samples will be presented from Testing web sites already in place.

Mini Coach hire website This web site asks for a user to insert a pick up point within the United Kingdom, or to select from the text hinting, the hinting can be ignored and an address typed in. It could be stricter by asking for a full address and postcode, however hotels pick up might not have the address to hand. Places of interest and hotels can be used it returns a quote to the user and allows them to proceed to the booking, Validation is all controlled with JavaScript get elements by id as it is HTML 5. on completion an email is sent to the client and also the owner.

There are multiple ways of displaying the same information The two samples above display the information from the same tables in a database these samples are to show the difference.