Web Design

Web Design is individual, the first question to ask is "Why do you need a web site" ?

Jakob Nielsen(2001) states "The minimum a web site should provide is a telephone number and address" now we have moved forward and websites are bigger, new devices to view websites, times have changed the internet is a lot bigger and a lot faster. About 83% of the UK population use the internet, Data From Internet world stats Europe January 2013, and 34% of the worlds population use the internet, Data from Internet world stats January 2013,

You have to ask your next question "Would I benefit from a web site" ?

If you have answered yes, What type of web site would suit? what devices is it to viewed on and what should it do?

  • a personal website: Blog, Celebrity, Forum, Family, Gallery, Humour, News, Social.
  • a commercial website: Business to Business, Direct marketing, Shop, mall.
  • a government website: Council, Councilor, Parliamentarian.
  • a nonprofit organization website: Charity, Donations, Education, Religious site.

what type of interaction should it do?

  • Static Web site
  • Dynamic Website
  • Commercial website

I will meet with you and explain how to proceed, I will take all your requirements, I will inform you what is possible and what is not. I will adhere to any constraints you have. To make sure understanding is correct on both sides we will write up a document and when both parties agree. we will then design up to 4 templates of how the the website might look on all platforms and ask when happy to sign off and the website will be built as closely as possible to that design

Note: All browsers display differently and all monitors have different colour settings and resolution. Most new computers monitors use 24 or 32 bits hardware to display 16,777,216 different colours. Older computer monitors use 16 bits display hardware, which gives a maximum of 65,536 different colours. And Very old computers use 8 bits colour hardware, which gives a maximum of 256 colours.

I have noticed that on self build web sites that some web site builders only offer limited amount of control over the code that is used, and that most of them offer no information on the laws that affect accessibility rights. Before building a website on a web hosting company check with them about legal requirements for a website within the United Kingdom, Remember a website requires to be maintained.

For more information about the Equalities Act 2010 and The British Standards BS8878 check out The Law page