Diamond Installations web page

Diamond Installations website is a full responsive website

The Diamond Installations website style is a fully responsive mixture of PHP and HTML pages.

The Diamond Installations website uses advanced style CSS3 to and the text in the header changes shape and colour when mouse over, this re-aligns on smaller devices all the images reduce in size but allow them to be swiped to be viewed at the size the device allows.

The Diamond Installations website has been equipped with a mega menu so the overlook of the website will not change as the website expands.

This website is built using HTML5 to and is linked to a javascript page that re-aligns the pages to suit all types od internet ready devices, it also uses CSS 3 on an external style sheet. This website has compliance seals and a text seal because of the dual CSS files, as some of the functions have not been updated for all browsers, however for browsers that do not support this functionality a second CSS 2 file is available to them.

It has Advanced CSS slide show that allows the user to select from three slideshows, this allows the user to focus on the one they wish and no have to go through the whole slide show to find the images they wish to see. This slide show uses the the same arrow button to move through the slideshow and then back through the slideshow, This means visual impaired people will hear the label twice, for accessibility purpose this may be confusing. A second set of buttons cannot work. When checked against a screen reader with one visually impaired user, he found the the buttons ran sequentially and could revisit and have the alt text read out to them again.

The visually impaired person also commented on the lack of information in the alt text that was read out, W3C guidelines, The maximum alt text lenght for English is 100 characters including blank spaces, Germen 115 and Korean 90.

Diamond Installations website uses two Facebook plugins one to display posts and one to display the like button in the footer of every page.

Diamond Installations website uses object orineted programs that are called from another website and also reusable CSS and PHP files.