Javascript Samples

Javascript works on client side computers and can be switched on and off by the user, if you are viewing this page and you don't see anything please check that you have javascript turned on. These are four javascript samples.

Lucky Numbers

Press button: Displays six random number and never are there two the same..!

Days your are old

Press button: you are asked three pop up questions,
Your year of birth: example 1901,
The month in the year of your birth as a number: (from 1 to 12),
Finally the day in the month of your birth. (from 1 to 31)
It takes into account leap years

Surface area and volume of cone

Press button: Enter a height, radius of a cone, you will be returned with the volume of the cone and the surface area using complex maths using JavaScript.

A small betting game at it first stage the input numbers can be changed into images

Lucky Hearts

You will be prompted to guess a random drawn card, ace of Hearts is 1 and king of Hearts is 13, it plays through 5 cycles and tells you the winning amount, This is just for fun.