La Vie Therapies Home page

La Vie Therpaies website uses HTML5 with external CSS pages all the pages are suitable for all media types.

This a basic Responsive e-business static website explaining to the user the types of services available, it has the Owners address and contact details and a geocoded google map, it uses CSS 3 for all navigation on treatment pages. It has a JQuery Return to top of page function which floats down as the user reads the page. The text in the header has a rollover effect to change the colour of the text. This is done by using Cascading Style Sheet to effect this change.

It allows for the purchase of Gift Vouchers, It used to be linked to Pay Pal, lack of understanding of costs along with limited sales and abuse meant this had to stopped and Gift Vouchers can only purchased directly through the Website and users have to be verified with a basic login system.

This website implements the Google Custom search function which is an API function.

The contact forms are validated using Javascript and PHP.

This is a Medium size web site and All navigation uses CSS only, it implements colour change on each page within the navigation this acts as a visual effect to allow for a visual breadcrumb effect to allow the this type of user to know where about on the website they are. there is a similar system that is hidden for visually impaired people.
For accessibility compliance this website has a skip to main content and a return to navigation for people who use keyboard tabbing or a screen reader, it has been checked for visual impairments problems with Screen readers and all issues that were found have been addressed.

It has conformance seals from W3c Mark-Up validation, also from W3c CSS validation except where stated, and a compliance seal from WCAG and most pages have achieved 3As and supplied by A Checker.

It is linked to La Vie Therapies social network on Facebook, which the owner manages

The testimonials on this web site are displayed in a page turning format, it is CSS3 only and easily read by page readers.

The owner gave instructions to build five page headers all different on seeing the headers that were designed for her she decided that she would like to own the intellectual copyright and has registered all five, La vie Therapies has taken measures that prohibit the casual downloading of these images