Domain Names

a UK map with splinter net divisionA domain name is essential as this allows you to portray your services to an online user on the World Wide Web the correct domain name extension is also vital, This allows search engines to index your website and people wishing to view your site can search for it, A new website might take around six weeks to be indexed by the major search engines (Google, Bing) lesser search engines might take longer.

Domain name that you may like may already be in use, so always keep a few names available if possible, Domain names have been abused by people domain name sitting on important domain names for this reason it is now not possible to reserve a domain. You can show interest in a name unless you have a website you can be made to give it up.

A Nesta’s prediction for 2017 is: End of the World Wide Web: to fight the growing threat of cybercrime and cyberterrorism, in 2017 countries and regions will increasingly create their own decentralised versions of the internet. Could the rise of the ‘Splinternet’ herald the end of the open network we’ve come to know and rely on?

Iain Tait Web Design are have made some observations, many companies use off shore management of web sites. If ‘Splinternet’ becomes a reality would they have access to maintain them? I do not know."

January 2014 has seen a demand for new domain names, at present these new domain extensions are now available, some proposals and or, these extensions have now come into use; the uptake of thesetop level domain extensions. These domain maybe more in demand if decentralised versions of the internet starts. Not only do we get the new names they also have to be allocated Domain Name Server Numbers, this will not happen overnight in fact it started in 2011 and the first extensions .bike .holdings .ventures .clothing .plumbing .guru .singles can be used from Feb 5th 2014, however as they are new the purchase price is much higher. and as hosting will be playing catch up for time, there is no rush to purchase.

The Domain name for a website can have many extensions: Domain name extensions for the United Kingdom include: as well as .london, .wales, .cymru and .scot There are moves to localise websites and restrict searches to your local area. Here is the address of websites that sell domain names for you to check.

If you feel someone is using a domain name unfairly than you can complain to do not expect a quick answer.