Email Promotions

One of the best ways to grow your bushiness is through Email Promotions.

To start your promotion you will have to decide what language you will send out your promotions in Plain Text, HTML or PDF. By deciding this you can elect your choice of delivery system.

Plain Text method

If your mailing list is less than 2000 then there are a host of programs that allow you to create emails in plain text to send out to a pre-determined set of Email address, these programs have their own built in software and to get started you download and set up the software as you require some even have auto responders. This is a short list of ones I have worked with or have been involved with the set up

  • Mail Chimp ( allows up to 2000 subscribers emails for free)
  • Constant Contact
  • Send Blaster
  • Thunderbird

Hypertext Mark-up Language

The Second method is to have a one page website with the newsletter on the page, once it is live send your URL of the web page to mailing list, If you use exclusive offers to exclusive clients then you need to avoid this method as web users could stumble upon your web page.

Portable Document File

The third method is the Portable Document File (PDF) method, you send it as an attachment or as a link inside an HTML page, If you use exclusive offers to exclusive clients then this is the best message as identity numbers can be added to the Portable Document File so each client has one identity number to be used in connection with the promotion, you can also place the Portable Document File without authority identity numbers with a link showing nonmembers what they are missing and offer membership option at foot of page.