Culinary Consultancy page

Culinary Consultancy website uses HTML 5 with external CSS pages all the pages are suitable for all media types as this site is responsive, with navigation on the left side.

This a basic e-business static website explaining to the user the types of services available, it has the Owners address and contact details and a geocoded google map, it uses CSS 3 for navigation on all pages.

This web site uses culinary language (sampler page Formal Training page), A tool tip function was added to the culinary language on this page, this enables a mouse over text function using CSS for those who struggle with the culinary meanings that pop up with definition of the culinary meaning.

It allows for the purchase of several culinary items can only purchased directly through the Website. They are also used as gifts to the people taking part in the courses run by Culinary Consultancy that are advertised. The French can be hired for multiple roles. and is also Qualified to teach.

This website implements the Google Custom search function which is an API function. On all pages that require it, a floating back to top of page function slides down with the user as they scroll down the page, this allows them to return to the top of the page at any time, the visual impaired function for screen readers is only at the end of page.

There is a dedicated accessibility page that informs users of short cuts to pages and also idiosyncrasies of particular browsers. A sitemap for users also exists to help them navigate around with out distractions this is a very basic page where all pages are listed in stepped columns.

The contact forms are validated both JavaScript and PHP through Object Orientated programming.

This is a Medium size web site and All navigation uses CSS only, it implements colour change on each page within the navigation this acts as a visual effect to allow for a visual breadcrumb effect to allow the this type of user to know where about on the website they are. there is a similar system that is hidden for visually impaired people.
For accessibility compliance this website has a skip to main content and a return to navigation for people who use keyboard tabbing or a screen reader, it has been checked for visual impairments problems with Screen readers and all issues that were found have been addressed.

It has conformance seals from W3c Mark-Up validation, also from W3c CSS validation except where stated, and a compliance seal from WCAG and most pages have achieved 3As all other pages 2As and supplied by A Checker.

The owner gave instructions to design a Logo of a frog (La Grenouille) for use on all projects, Paul Scott designed the frog and it is copyrighted with the IPO