When a new business wants a web site they are not always sure what they want or what they need, or how to do it.

At Iain Tait Web Design we will work with you to decide what you need and the best way to go about it we can help to decide the best colours, colours have meaning to learn more about colours please visit a fun way to learn about colours visit Color In Motion. This will give you an idea of what colours are best on your website.

The website can be for Advertising, information and for Commerce, as the internet gets faster the more content can be added to a web site, in 1998 the fastest you could get the internet in the United Kingdom was 48kbs that was on a dial up modem, now broadband is in many homes with an Average Speed of 14.7mbs (OfCom May 2013). From 1998 the speed has increased just over 280 times.

Keeping all this in mind you still have to optimise large files for use on the internet as people will not wait for large files to download especially images, the new thinking is Scalable Vector Graphics as they can be scaled up with no loss of resolution, one draw back the Scalable Vector Graphics have to be created in an editing graphics package, and not all browsers support SVG yet, So if the space below does not have an image it means your browser does not support Scalable Vector Graphics

Scalable Vector Graphic logo

More sample Scalable Vector Graphics can be found under SVG in the samples area

If you intend to use a database to display information then please check out the database samples this will give you an idea, all three displays use the same information and output the data differently

Flash allows advanced animation it is best to keep it small, some websites are made using flash only, some browsers have trouble incorporating the flash player and sometimes it crashes.

JavaScript and Jquery can make you site dynamic and allow a lot more functions to be utilised.

On the following pages you will find samples. Please feel free to use these samples all that is asked is that we get mentioned on the website preferably using a URL link