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Iain Tait web design can offer help when deciding which type of website service is suitable for you. Iain Tait web design also offer maintenance contracts so that the website is maintained to the latest industry standards.

If you want other people to view your web site, you must copy your site to a public server. To make your Web site visible to the world, it has to be hosted on a Web server. Lots of web sites are trying to get attention so which type of hosting should you use? It is recommended to let a web hosting company host your site. Their down time is monitored and this information is readily available from Most hosting companies are reliable steady service with downtime of less than 50 seconds per year; most employee network engineers to keep it running.

The emerging technology is cloud computing and virtual computing this is aimed predominantly at websites that require to be scaled and is done through pay per use. Lots of companies are moving into cloud computing and the cloud is now producing different vendors. Cloud computing requires stricter access controls as security on the cloud is still being tested.

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User facing websites can be put on other web hosted sites such as Facebook and other social media websites, just recently scammers have been using social media websites to hack into business's state, Internet Social Networking Risks that about 4 business's every hour get hacked and most do not even know, once information is posted to a social networking site, it is no longer private. The more information you post, the more vulnerable you become. Even when using high security settings, friends or websites may inadvertently leak your information.

the more popular Content Management systemsContent Management systems can be installed by a web developer and handed over to the client. Through previous experience these types of websites soon become corrupt as multiple people are controlling the content without knowledge of what they are doing. Soon the website becomes unusable. Once a content management website is handed over to the client the developer is no longer responsible for the legal aspects associated with that website. Warning Content management website are not secure Orion Cassetto of stated 170,000 Wordpress web sites were hacked on 2015, Joomla and Drupal were not far behind.

Another use of Content Management systems is online storage this means Images and files can be stored online and shared on Flickr, Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive plus many more, sensitive images and documents might be accidentialy accessed by a shareing link. Shop websites can be put on Amazon, EBay, Gumtree, preloved or all and there are also web malls that also allow small business's to host sites.

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