Simply Chairs website

Simply Chairs website is a full responsive website

Simply Chairs website website has random headers from a choice of six aland are related to the product.

Simply Chairs website fully responsive PHP page. This site includes a Facebook Api to link Facebook and display it on the website.

Simply Chairs website website uses advanced style CSS3 to rotate and blur the text in the header, this re-aligns on smaller devices all the images reduce in size but allow them to be swiped to be viewed at the size the device allows. Each item has independent on page navigation to display information on each product and provide as many images as possible about each product, iy also allows people who purchase to leave feedback about the chair, this is restricted to the last 3 people, Simply Chairs are always bringing out new models and sell directly to Business or individuals.

Simply Chairs also supply soft seating for receptions and waiting areas and a complete range of office equipment; including Desks, Tables, Bookcases. Boardroom, Receptions and storage. They have a range of accessories to compliment every aspect of preparing an office for use.

In addition to chairs Simply Chairs is made a contract with Franken to supply Visual display equipment.

Simply Chairs website website has been equipped with a drop down menu so the overlook of the website will not change as the website expands.

This website is built using HTML5 to and is linked to a javascript page that re-aligns the pages to suit all types od internet ready devices, it also uses CSS 3 on an external style sheet. This website has compliance seals and a text seal because of the dual CSS files, as some of the functions have not been updated for all browsers, however for browsers that do not support this functionality a second CSS 2 file is available to them.