Photography Samples

As the World Wide Web is for sharing it is not practical to think that a photograph you put on a website will not be used by someone somewhere in the world. There are ways to prohibit the casual downloading of images, there are tricks that are available to web designers that work with some browser and do not work with others, and even when a watermark is added and all other precautions taken a determined person can still find a way.

A digital image taken with a digital camera vary greatly, and with more people taking images with mobile phones the internet is getting flooded with images, anybody with a facebook account can look through anyone else account and can tag names to photos. This can be seen as a good and bad idea.


Sliders are popping up on lots of web sites thanks to Wordpress, the Web accessibility Initiative say that any moving parts on a web site must give the user the opportunity to switch them on and off just like watching a video. This is backed up by the Equalities Act 2010, which implies it may be a subversion of civil law, in other words if you have a slideshow operating on your website without offering user controls, Civil Action could be taken against the web site and the web site taken down from the World Wide Web

Slideshow below is a user controlled slideshow with arrows to move both forward and backward through the slideshow, and when the slideshow reaches either the first or last image that arrow will disappear. It also tells the user how many images are in that slideshow, and one more added feature multiple slideshow's can be combined into one slideshow.
The alternative tags are preserved for visually impaired users. All images have a title for everyone to enjoy

Edinburgh Castle and Ross Fountain Autumn in the Queens park Edinburgh Scottish Standard from King James the Fifth. One of the Scottish national flowers a thistle Kaim Head Fountian Edinburgh Sir Walter Scott Monument
Vogrie wood in winter Rosbery Reservior Midlothian World upside down Vogrie pond Rushes growing up and down in vogrie pond Taj Mahal Eraly Morning India
White bell shaped flower. Close up of red and purple Fushia. Yellow daisy middle with a housefly drinking nectar. Purple and white globe thistle Delecaite mountain bluet. Herb Robert is a wild scottish flower. Blue and Yellow Large Hydranga.
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Autumn
  • Scottish Standard
  • Thistle
  • Kaim Head Fountain
  • Sir Walter Scott Monument
  • Trees reflected in ice
  • Rosebery Reservoir Reflection
  • Vogrie Pond
  • Reeds Vogrie Pond
  • Taj Mahal
  • Carolina Silver Bell
  • Fushia
  • Daisy with Insect
  • Globe Thistle
  • Mountain Bluet
  • Herb Robert
  • Hydrangea

This slide show uses the the same arrow button to move through the slideshow and then back through the slideshow, This means visual impaired people will hear the label twice, for accessibility purpose this may be confusing. A second set of buttons cannot work. When checked against a screen reader with one visually impaired user, they found the the buttons ran sequentially and could revisit and have the alt text read out to them again.

One complaint this visual impaired user commented upon was that the alt text was limited in it description, maybe this is something the World Wide Consortium could address and allow for the ALT to be extended so a full description can be used.