Woodburn Day Care Club Home pageThe Woodburn Day Care Club website uses Website Baker Content Management system in PHP with external CSS template pages all the pages are suitable for all media types.

This is a content management system website, it utilises the open source software application Website Baker.

The Template was designed using external CSS to ensure that it complied with W3c validation in both mark up and CSS.

This website has a Flickr photo account and images are transferred as a slide show using API.

The website has a PHP search function built into each page

This web site uses colloquial language (sampler page http://www.woodburndaycareclub.org.uk/pages/in-memory/willie-grainger.php), A tool tip function was added to the colloquial language on each page, this enables a mouse over text function using CSS for those who struggle with the colloquial meaning that pop up with English Translation. There is also a glossary page

The form function uses JavaScript Validation using GetElementByID

The website is to be used by older people and therefore required to user friendly to older people, this website uses CSS navigation and a breadcrumb trails is on the top of the page to allow older people to know where about on the website they are.

It has conformance seals from W3c Mark-Up validation, also from W3c CSS validation except where stated, and a compliance seal from WCAG and most pages have achieved 2As and supplied by A Checker.

This website is now managed by the staff of the Woodburn Day Care Club